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    Everything started in 2011, from scratch. In a buch of months, Marco and Romina started to give a body to their ideas. Many things changed since then: Hidden Lapse was a “studio-instrumental- duo”, slowly becoming a full-time band.

    After a long pause (on and off), they started composing new material in early 2015 and Alessia becomes the actual singer. After a while, Luca (old Marco’s friend and great musician) enters the band roster and the line-up is complete. Marco starts to write the defining songs of “Redemption” and the band develops and arranges the songs in a few months. The first shared song “Pure” goes out in april and seems to catch some attentions, even if Marco’s writings tend more towards a melodic progi-ish metal style, which (with backging tracks as a staple) will define the mini-concepts final incarnation.

    The job is almost done around fall 2016, but for personal issues and objective troubles, Luca leaves the band.

    Marco, Romina and Alessia go on arranging and adjusting the remaining details, before entering studio (actually staying home, since this is a full DIY album) in late november 2016.


    Tutto iniziò nel 2011, dal nulla. In qualche mese, Marco e Romina diedero vita alle idee embrionali e molte cose cambiarono: dall’incipit di “duo-strumentale da studio” gli Hidden Lapse diventano un gruppo vero e proprio.

    Dopo un lungo momento di “on and off”, nei primi mesi del 2015 iniziano a comporre nuovo materiale e coinvolgono Alessia alla voce. Poco dopo, Luca (un vecchio amico di Marco e ottimo musicista) entra come batterista. Gli Hidden Lapse sono al completo. Marco inizia a scrivere i brani portanti di “Redemption” e il gruppo arrangia i brani in pochi mesi. Il primo brano uscito è “Pure” nell’aprile 2016 e sembra creare un po’ d’aspettativa, mentre lo stile compositivo di Marco si sposta più verso un metal melodico e progressivo, che (assieme all’introduzione delle basi come elemento fisso) definisce l’incarnazione finale del mini-concept.

    Il lavoro è prossimo al completamento nell’autunno 2016, ma per ragioni personali e alcune problematiche oggettive, Luca lascia il gruppo. Marco, Romina e Alessia arrangiano quel che resta ed entrano in studio (di fatto in casa, visto che si tratta di un lavoro totalmente DIY) nel tardo novembre 2016.

    Hidden Lapse is:

    Alessia Marchigiani – Lead Vocals
    Marco Ricco – Guitar
    Romina Pantanetti – Bass



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    Hidden Lapse

    Hidden Lapse is a melodic metal project, touched by progressive and the most modern metal too. We tell stories, too. We get inspiration from many different sources going from power-progressive to the alternative rock/metal scene. We're born in 2011 as a duo project from the twisted minds of Marco and Romina, then expanded (after something like 4 years of tinkering, quitting and restarting) into a full band with Alessia and Luca in 2015. Our first full length album is called "Redemption" and it's both a fictionary and everyday tale about a nameless young woman facing tough choices and consequences, through a long inner journey. Curiously enough, the album's intro is the very first song we wrote, when we didn't even think about the concept itself. While we write this little bio we're in the final stages of Redemption's preproduction and already planning future releases. We start as a self-produced/promoted band. About the future... who knows?
    Hidden Lapse
    Hidden Lapse20/08/2017 at 2:39am
    Today's is Marco's Birthday! Show him some love!
    Happy birthday to our guitarist! 🎉

    Next Show! 25.08 Drakkarock 2017!!

    #progmetal #hiddenlapse #redemptiontour #onstage #progmetal #modernmetal #femalevocalist
    Hidden Lapse
    Hidden Lapse14/08/2017 at 6:00am
    Have you heard our first album "Redemption"?
    sounding more like a dark Kamelot with Delain's singer (July 2017 - Metal Rules)
    Grab your copy and tshirt ➤

    Digital streamings at:
    Hidden Lapse
    Hidden Lapse10/08/2017 at 5:15am
    Hidden Lapse
    Hidden Lapse03/08/2017 at 5:55am
    REDEMPTION - Giornale Metal Review! 7/10!
    "Il disco è ben prodotto, con una resa sonora pulita ed ineccepibile, le ritmiche serrate ma ricchissime di tempi dispari, e su questo contesto si muove la performance vocale della brava Alessia " ➤

    #progmetal #hiddenlapse #femalemetal #metalreviews
    Hidden Lapse
    Hidden Lapse29/07/2017 at 5:30am
    Vi aspettiamo allo ChaletdegliArtisti Pioraco stasera!!!! Dalle 21:30, accoppiata vincente insieme agli Walls of Babylon!
    Hidden Lapse
    Hidden Lapse28/07/2017 at 8:38pm
    We just hit and passed 1000 LIKES! Thank you EVERYONE for all the likes and wonderful comments!

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